Item No:3DSY2.5-6.3 Test Pump
Flow: 360L / h
Voltage: 220V / 380v
Power: 750W
Pressurized pipe pressure test for pressure measurement and other purposes
Pressure in three 2.5mpa 4.0mpa 6.3mpa  8mpa(maximum pressure)
Note: the impact of pressure by the size

Use the methods of operation:
Check the water level in the tank, connect the power cord, power supply should be connected to a power outlet leakage protection to protect the machine and personal safety.
Connect all fittings, must be sealed, without leakage.
Tighten the hand wheel clockwise switch.
Start the motor switch, the machine work, when the gauge pointer to it is set to the rated pressure, the pressure will not go up.
After pressure testing, loosen the switch counterclockwise, medium flow back into the water tank, pressure gauge zero.

Before use, the first switch hand wheel clockwise to tighten.
The machine's suction port is not out of the water, the use of working media must be clear and free of impurities, regular inspection filter to prevent blockage.
Not in acid-base, use of corrosive substances in the workplace.
Is strictly prohibited without power or water is not water in the state of the machine a long time starting the machine, or vulnerable to damage the pump and seals, affecting the normal operation of the machine.
After use, the application of kerosene or diesel filter media about
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