Item No:CPB-2 Hydraulic Pipe Bender

Model: CPB-2
Name: The overall hydraulic pipe bender
Output: 16T
Maximum stroke: 250mm
Crimping range: 1 / 2 "-2"
OD: Φ21.3mm-Φ60mm
Configuration mold: 1 / 2 "3 / 4"1 "11 / 4"11 / 2 "2 "
Pipe wall thickness :2.75-4 .5 mm
Weight: 38kg
Size: 73x32x20cm

Use: for general pipe, conduit, gas pipe, thick steel pipe, the maximum bending angle of 90 degrees.
Ductile iron molds are used, than ordinary cast iron has higher strength, good toughness and ductility, more resistant
Use, prone to breaking.
Quality assurance: within 3 months of non-human damage to the company to provide warranty service, ease of use.

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