Item No:CP-700FB Hydraulic Hand Pump

Product Name: manual hydraulic pump CP-700FB
1, Model: CP-700FB
2, the maximum output pressure: 700kg/cm ²
3, oil storage capacity: 3200CC (the 15th anti-wear hydraulic oil or SHLLT-15)
4, the pump size: 450 × 100 × 100mm
Machine size: 720 × 120 × 170mm
6, Carton size: 785 × 178 × 250mm
7, Weight: 20kg
8 Type: Manual

Function Description

1, which is a single-hole type job pump design has a high and low pressure two-stage rapid out of fuel, even if there is no electricity, the operation is also convenient, any working pressure, function and electric same
2, the pressure can be maintained intermediate stop, the internal design of the high-pressure safety protection hydraulic valve
3, PT3 / 8 "teeth
4 2M high pressure tubing, with quick connector
5, must change the oil every six months
6, adapted to split hydraulic clamp, cut row, bent row, punching tools, hydraulic jacks, etc.

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