Item No:EP-431 Hydraulic Crimping Tool
• Product Name: EP-431 Manual Hydraulic clamp
• Product Model: EP-431
Crimping range: 16 ~ 400 mm2
Copper terminal; 16 ~ 240 mm2
Aluminum terminals; LGJ35 ~ 95 mm2
Clamp pressure tube; 240mm2 following devices clamp;
240mm2 the following H-C-clamp;
31mm following copper, aluminum wiring;
C-opening 31mm;
180 ° swivel head work, work for a variety of angles;
Fiberglass handle, resistant to voltage 20kv;
Patented replaceable "push-style" release valve design, easy maintenance, to set the output, automatic pressure relief;
Output: 12 tons;
Weight: 6.2kg;
Standard Configuration: 50-400mm2 die in 9 groups;
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